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International Book Festival of Budapest

    (12-30 April, 2008)

    Location: Budapest Congressional Center. The International Book Festival of Budapest is one of the largest book fairsin Central and Eastern Europe. It is open for everybody andall of the books - usually more than 50,000 - are on sale. The festival, held at the end of April, is in 20th largest in the world. Foreign guests as well asHungarian writers are regularly invited to the festival. Every year one invited country isgiven the opportunity to present itself.

SENSATION – The world's leading dance event

    (3 May, 2008)

    Location: Papp László Budapest Sportarena. One more country has been added to the European part of the Sensation World Tour, Hungary. On May 3rd 2008 the Sensation show will be organized in Budapest, the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena. This state of the art, 21st century facility is equipped with the most modern light and sound equipment. Sensation was first organized in the Netherlands in the year 2000. The first edition attracted approximately 20,000 visitors.

Magic Papers

    (1-18 May, 2008)

    Location: Budapest, Ráday street. The Paper Magic Festival shows the origin and the future of paper to its visitors. The festival is held every May in Ráday Street, close to the National Museum. The theme of the festival is paper, and almost everything connected to it. Several dozens of exhibitions show paper as a fine art material, while the temporary street gallery displays larger outdoor banners. Pop music groups perform as a side attraction to the festival.

Danube Carneval

    (14-19 June, 2008)

    Location: Duna-korzó. The Danube Carneval is a unique arts gathering in which the peoples living along the River Danube presenttheir traditional artsevery June. The first Danube Carneval was organised in 2000, as one of many festive events during the Millennium celebrations. The highlight of the Carnival is the gala on the open-air stage on Margaret Island. In this spectacular show nearly 500 dance performers take part.

II. Sisi Ball

    (12 January, 2008)

    Location: Stefánia Palace. The Sisi ball will be organized for the second time for the tribute to Queen Elizabeth. Take a part in the event: the Liszt Ferenc awarded Budapest Brass Band, the Monarchia Symphonic Band, the Monarchia Salon Music Band and the Budapest Balet. The soloist of the programme is: Pitti Katalin operatic singer. The prince and the princess of the ball will be voted. Appearance: evening dress for ladies and dress suit or smoking for the gentlemen.

Core of the World Festival

    (18 – 31 January, 2008)

    Location: Gödör Club in Budapest. The event (dedicated to all the arts) is lasting forseveral days each January. Renowned Hungarian pop bands and young artists from different branches of the arts will take part in the festival which has been organised since 1999. The Exhibition of Young Artists will takes place traditinally during the festival.

Budapest Boat Show and Caravan Salon

    (14 – 17 February, 2008)

    Location: Hungexpo fair center. Budapest Boat Show will be held for the 17th time. There will be watersports on the place beside the international exhibiton of boats, just like surf, wakeboard, and there you can also find water-ski and diving accessories. The International camping and caravan exhibition will waiting the visitors for Budapest. Italy will be the guest of the show.

Cirque Do Soleil – Delirium

    (29 February – 1 March, 2008)

    Location: Budapest Sport Arena. This multiple event was founded by the ideas of Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon duo, which is a combination between the world of the modern music, the breath-taking acrobatics, the multimedia and the gigantic elements of aspect. The Delirium is a live multimedia experience with a contribution of a member of 36 company: 6 musician, 12 dancers, 6 singers, 9 acrobat, 3 performer will be on the board.

Disney on ice – 100 years magic

    (20 – 23 March, 2008)

    Location: Budapest Sport Arena. The legendary Disney on ice company will visit to Hunagry again for the delight of a lot of children and adults in March of 2008. The friendly skating-tale figures will be appear in Budapest at the Papp László Sport Arena, and in Debrecen at the Főnix hall and waiting for the young.

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